Sunday, 19 August 2012

Greenbacks and Green Mole

The fundraiser for Casa de las Flores went very well. I've thanked everyone in my Unitarian Community and great friends who helped, as well as many who donated food and money! We raised almost $700.00. Enough for the school to get the bathrooms back online and to buy some food for the kids in case they run out of money for that.

Felicia Orth made red mole using the Pink Adobe (restaurant in Santa Fe) recipe and I made a green mole with chicken that Malena Martinez, my friend in San Cristobal, taught me how to make.

Here is the recipe. Note, I could not find the epazote (dried) that I'd purchased in Albuquerque, and there was no fresh to be found, so I left it out. 2 leaves of cabbage can be substituted for the endive lettuce. That's what I did and it was just as good as when Malena made it. I love this sauce. I used to eat just the sauce on eggs, and also on rice sometimes, if any was left over when the chicken was done.

So, if you're up to a challenge, have fun with it.

Malena Martinez’ Green Chicken Mole

1 kilo of chicken pieces, skin on
1 kilo of tomatillos, size doesn’t matter, peel off the light skin
Epazote, 4 stems (Mexican herb)
½ normal bunch of cilantro (fresh coriander), washed
2 leaves of endive lettuce
1 t. cumin (powdered)
Garlic, 4 cloves
Onion, ½  white, chopped
Pepitas, raw, about ½ cup
Salt, less than 1 T.
2 large rectangles of KNORR chicken boullion or Caldo
1 med. chile verde or a small jalapeno

Boil the tomatillos whole with the chile verde.
Separately boil the chicken pieces (with extra onion and garlic)
After 15-20 minutes…..

Put the chopped onion in a blender with garlic, lettuce, herbs, cilantro, cumin, and some of the chicken broth

Pour the blended stuff into a deep skillet with a little oil, heat to simmer

Blend the cooked tomatillos and pepitas with broth and process in the blender. Add to the herb mix in the skillet. Add the Knorr boullion and then cook about 15 minutes until it thickens. Taste and add salt if needed (probably won’t be!) 

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