Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tocino del Cielo, Sky Bacon

Beautiful translucent Bacon from Heaven.
More foodie fun in Spain: Sky Bacon.  That's what the translator calls it, but it translates literally as Bacon from Heaven. After all, it was invented by a group of nuns in the Jerez region of Spain, when they needed to use up the tremendous amount of egg yolks left over when the whites were used for clarifying wine. The brownish color comes from caramelized sugar. This dessert was invented in the mid 1300's and may have been the forerunner of the famous Spanish dessert flan. Little dishes of Tocino del Cielo are found all over in practically every bakery, alongside beautifully decorated cookies, cakes and other pastries. Surprisingly, very few Spaniards are overweight. I'm not sure how they manage to have so many bakeries (obviously a good business to own) and still be svelte.

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